Sunday, December 30, 2012

Pinch Provisions Minimergency Kit

Yet another thing I bought off Opensky and later regretted. I really need to start shopping around for better deals instead of just buying the first thing I come across.

What is a Minimergency kit? It is a cute little zippered bag full of mini versions of anything and everything you might ever need if you are out on the town. The bag itself comes in a variety of colors from glittery to polka dotted. Packed carefully inside of this tiny little bag are: a tiny bottle of hairspray (I haven’t used it yet so I can’t comment on how well it works), clear nail polish (actually a decent sized bottle), four emery boards, lip balm (cherry flavored (blech!) but moisturizes fairly well), Advil, a regular tampon, minty breath drops, a bandaid, dental floss, a tiny sewing kit that also includes a safety pin, earring backs, and clear elastics, and foil packets of towelettes that are nail polish remover, deodorant, and stain remover. Its quite ingenious really.

So why my frustration? Because I settle for the only color they had left on Opensky (a florescent pinky red with OMG monogrammed onto it) when I could have had a cute pink one with white polka dots, or a metallic purple one, or a cute little green one with a clover shaped zipper.

Anyway the basic version of this is $13 with 7 metallic colors to choose from, a fancier glittery one or one with a cute zipper for $15, or you can choose a glittery one or a monogrammed one that comes with refills for everything for $24. The website also has minimergency kits for moms, girls, men and more as well as larger kits. Shop the full line at

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