Thursday, December 27, 2012

Shiseido Facial Cotton

$9.50 for 50 cotton pads at

I’ve read about these in several beauty blogs and have read that many people think they are way better than normal cotton pads and are worth the extra money. So I, having a little extra cash due to my Christmas bonus, decided to splurge and check them out. What is so special about these? The cotton is apparently specially treated to be super soft and smooth. They are way softer than any cotton pad I’ve ever felt. They are big enough to cut in half so really there’s 100 pads in each package. They do work much better. Here is my previous experience with cotton balls (awful I know); I put my toner on the cotton ball and lean over the sink as I put it on my face because I know its going to squeeze out and drip everywhere. Then I quickly try to catch all the drips with the cotton ball and spread it around before it dries. With the Shiseido facial cotton, the toner immediately is absorbed right into the cotton and is evenly distributed over my face, which is much nicer than the “catching the drips” method. I haven’t used them to remove any eye make-up yet but I can imagine that is would be gentler and less abrasive on the delicate skin around my eyes.

So they work but are they worth the four or five times more than you would pay for regular cotton rounds? Maybe. I only use toner once a day and with the cutting half these could easily last me over three months. I might  buy them again at full price but I will definitely peruse ebay and Amazon for them when I run out.

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