Thursday, December 13, 2012

Things I Like, But Don't Love

So, I was bored earlier and decided to write you a little note on some products that I use regularly. . .but only because I have them and I want to used them up, or because I haven’t found anything better yet. Don’t get me wrong, these are perfectly good products. They work well, do what they are supposed to and what not but I wouldn’t hesitate to replace them if I found something better. Basically I don’t hate them, but I don’t love them either.

Yes to Tomatoes Acne Roller Ball Spot Stick- $10

I haven’t tried a lot of products from this line but I love the clay mask and I like the idea that its all natural. The active ingredient in their products is still salicylic acid but it is supposedly naturally derived from tomatoes. With that being said, its still salicylic acid and it still dries my skin out a little bit. This particular product is a liquid inside of a roller ball stick. Its meant to be only applied to the area you need it (i.e. the pimples). It dries out the pimples (ever so slowly) but leaves a nasty dead patch of skin and kind of stings a little when I first apply it. I continue to use it however, mostly because I have it and I’m too cheap just to throw it away and buy something else. The biggest issue that I have with this is not the medication itself (in fact I’ve been wanting to try the skin repairing acne lotion) it’s the whole roller ball thing. It worked fine for the first week or so but I’ve had some issues with it. The ball freezes up and won’t move. Or it moves but nothing comes out (and I know there is still liquid in it because I can hear it shaking around in there). Then all of a sudden I’ll go to use it one time and the liquid will come gushing out around the ball and I’ll end up with way too much of it on my face. Its very bizarre. So basically, its good for people who only have the occasional pimple they want to speed along, but for people such as myself, with full on acne all over your face, its not so great. I also think it would be good to carry in your purse for a quick application at work or something. Its passable but I think there are probably better treatments out there.

Proactiv Oil Free Moisture- $19.95 at (or as a free gift with the entire proactiv system)

Let me start by saying that the only reason I even still have this is because I did proactiv for a while and when I decided to stop it and throw everything away, the only thing I kept was this moisturizer because it is pretty good. I think the whole Proactiv thing is sort of overrated myself. I know a lot of people have had good luck with it but it didn’t work for me. My acne got better for like two weeks and then got worse. The face wash is gritty and it actually very irritating. It started stinging my face and I ended up scrapping the whole thing. I’m not sure if it was the harsh exfoliation or the benzoyl peroxide (my mother is allergic to this) but either way something didn’t agree with my skin. I do know that they now have a sensitive skin version that does not have benzoyl peroxide in it but I haven’t tried it. I also should add a bit of a disclaimer on the price. The website lists it as $19.95 (and I found scads of it on ebay and but I’m not actually sure that you can buy just the moisturizer. I think you have to get the whole system. And don’t be fooled by those $19.95 offer thingys. They send you small little travel sizes for that $19.95 and then hike the price up when you reorder. Okay, that’s rant about Proactiv. Now, for the moisturizer. This is good as moisturizers go. It doesn’t clog pores, it has SPF 15 and moisturizes nicely. Its a white creamy liquid that goes on matte, and actually ends up making my skin look a little dull. It doesn’t take a whole lot for your face (one reason I still have it) and sinks in quickly. Its very good for just a moisturizer. But one reason I don’t particularly like it is because I am all about products that multi-task. This does have SPF but that’s it. Its just SPF and moisture. It doesn’t do anything else. I would rather have a moisturizer that also had some anti-aging factor, sped up the turn over of cells for a better complexion, brightened up my skin a little, controlled oil, something. But no. Its just a moisturizer with a little SPF in it. Not even that high SPF.

Garnier Nutrisionise Anti-Puff Eye Roller- $11

I should mention before I go any further that I work the overnight shift so therefore have a weird sleeping schedule, sometimes don’t sleep enough, and on days off, sleep too much. This all translates into some pretty impressive dark circles and puffy eyes. This roller is recommended by Allure as one of the best beauty products in 2011 for something or other. I must disagree with them. But let me talk more about the product itself. The product inside the roller is a silky clear liquid (although it does come in various levels of tintage as well) that rolls on very smoothly. The liquid does not sink in very quickly however. I usually rub it in until its gone but sometimes I just walk around looking like I just got done crying. The main ingredient of course is caffeine (as in most anti-puff and dark circle formulas). So does it work? Maybe my dark circles and puffy eyes are just too much for it but it doesn‘t really work. It doesn’t do much for the dark circles but it does reduce the puffiness a little. Enough to just keep using it until its gone but I probably won’t be buying it again. Actually I definitely won’t be buying it again.

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