Friday, December 14, 2012

Kitsch Hair Ties

These were an impulse buy from Open Sky. A website I never should have joined. But that’s another conversation. I wish I hadn’t wasted the $13.99 on them but I have them now. Kitsch makes wide stretchy fabric bands tied in a loop with a cute little knot. They are in a wide variety of vibrant colors. They claim to be gentle on your hair and not to leave a kink. I wear my hair up in a ponytail a lot. I work at an assisted living facility so I need my hair out of my face. Plus unless I’ve straightened it I look like a poodle that’s had a bad blow out. First of all, these hair ties are expensive ($6.99 for a 3-pack, $9.99-$13.99 for a 5-pack, or $17.99 for a 8-pack). I don’t know about you but I lose way too many hair ties to spend that much money for them on a regular basis. As I said, I bought these on Open Sky and there were only 5 options and they were all $13.99. I wish I’d looked at the site and gotten a smaller package. My second complaint is that they are in pre-put together packages and I didn’t really like all the colors in any one package. I would have like to be able to customize a package with the colors I wanted or would have been happy with just 5 black hair ties. The package I finally settle on is called “Blue Steel.” It has a navy blue one, a heinous silvery and navy paisley one (which I actually should just throw in the trash), a navy blue one covered in glitter, a dark blue one, and a light silvery blue one. Thirdly, they do in fact leave a kink in your hair, despite what they say. Yes, it’s a less noticeable kink than traditional hair ties but there’s still a kink. The one thing I like is that they are very non-damaging to your hair. Even the regular hair ties that are supposed to be ouchless, sometimes break my hair. I hate that tell-tale ripping noise you sometimes hear when you pull out the hair tie. Its like nails on a chalkboard. And I do have Kitsch another compliment (albeit a rather underhanded one), they held up much better than I thought they would. I cringed a little when I first put it in thinking the knot would come undone or the fabric would get all stretched out but I’ve been wearing just one for about a month now (I purposely delayed posting this so I could see if they would stretch out) but it doesn’t look too bad. It is a little stretched out and the knot and the fabric past it is frayed (which actually could be from my dog chewing on it that one time) but it isn‘t as bad as I thought it would be. They aren’t the best thing but I have five (actually four because I threw out the ugly paisley one) of them to use up and intend to use them fully since they were so expensive.

Bottom line? These are a waste of money in my opinion. Yes, they’re cute and colorful and if you feel the need to wear the hair ties that all the celebrities are wearing, by all means, waste your money. But they are just hair ties. They work well, hold my hair up, and last reasonably well, I guess and it is true that they are less damaging but they are not worth the extra money. Go to your local drug store or even grocery store and buy a package of Goody or Scunci ties for $3 or $4 (I myself prefer the ouchless ones and I usually buy just the plain black ones, but that’s just me).

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