Friday, December 7, 2012

Nume Wet & Dry Flat Iron

$150 at (minus a $100 gift certificate that came in my Glossybox)

I have a love/hate relationship with my hair. My hair has always been quite shiny, soft, and healthy looking no matter what shampoo I use but I have been cursed with flyaways, frizz, and that nasty fuzzy halo of broken hairs (which I guess is also flyaways and frizz). I am very good to my hair. I use super moisturizing shampoo and conditioner and leave the conditioner on way longer than most people. I don’t color it or blow dry it regularly. I don’t rat it or rip out knots or any other damaging things. So it has always puzzled me why my otherwise healthy hair is always frizzy and flyaway-y. The simple explanation I have come up with is that I don’t style it. I wash it, wrap it in a towel and let it towel dry while I lotion and deodorize myself, then I spritz it with leave-in-conditioner and brush it. That’s it. Usually its up in a pony tail before its even dried fully. I’ve tried straightening it before (with my cheapy walmart flat iron) and it never seems to do much good. I’ve stood in front of the more expensive styling tools arguing with myself over whether or not to spend the money countless times. Finally when I got this $100 gift coupon I figured, what the hell. I might as well see if a more expensive flat iron really does work better. I got the Wet & Dry one because my hair takes a very long time to dry and I like to be able to style it while its still damp. The first time I tried it my hair was dry. I had taken a shower in the morning, used the Nume argan oil and let my hair dry naturally, then straightened it later in the afternoon. I was literally giddy with excitement over the results. My hair  never looked so good. It was smooth and shiny. Nary a flyaway to be seen. The ceramic plates heated up way faster than previous flat irons and stayed hot. In most places one swipe was all it took to smooth out my hair. I was thrilled.

This particular flat iron is called Wet & Dry. It has vents in the plates that let out the steam from damp hair. The second time I tried the flat iron I decided to try it damp. I was a little disappointed with the results. It took a lot longer to straighten (obviously because my hair had to dry first) and it never really got as smooth as it had when I straightened it dry. It did make a difference when I used the argan oil but it still isn’t as smooth as it was before.

Overall, I would not have paid the full price for this flat iron. But minus my $100 gift certificate I am glad I got it and it definitely is much better than my other flat iron. Although you could straighten your damp hair if you don’t have time to blow dry it or let it dry first but I recommend straightening your hair when its already dry.

A note on Nume’s customer service: When I first ordered my flat iron I realized after I had already completed the order that I hadn’t seen anywhere to enter in my coupon. Obviously my heart stopped a little because the only reason I had ordered it was because of the $100 coupon and there is no way I could afford a $150 flat iron. I emailed customer service immediately telling them the mistake I had made. After perusing the website a little more I noticed at the top of a screen a place to turn in gift vouchers which I assume is where I should have entered my coupon code and it would have credited my account. That’s a little confusing but whatever. So I patiently wait for a response (which is promised within 48 hours). I believe I sent my email on a Wednesday. I immediately received a confirmation. By Friday (48 hours later) I hadn’t received a response. I gave them the benefit of a doubt thinking that it was close to the weekend so maybe they were trying to finish up other things. When I didn’t get a response the following Monday I was a little irritated. Then Tuesday I received a email saying that I would receive a response shortly and please don’t email them a second time (which I hadn’t so I’m not sure what that was all about). Then finally on Wednesday I received a message saying that I would be reimbursed the $100. So I’m happy with the final outcome and overall a week really wasn’t that long to wait but if the website says you will receive a response in 48 hours I expect to receive one in 48 hours. Just saying. But on the bright side I did receive my flat iron in a record amount of time (I think it was 2 days after I had ordered it).

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