Saturday, December 22, 2012

Indie Lee Blemish Lotion

$26 for 1 oz. ($24 on

This was another impulse buy from Opensky (why did I ever sign up for that?!). I had a $15 credit that I had to spend $50 to receive and the thing I was buying that I really wanted was the only one left in stock so I was trying to find something else before someone else bought the thing that I really wanted. Literally the day after I ordered this I read a review on Mario Badescu Drying Lotion (which is only $17) and decided I wanted to try it at some point. Then I received my Indie Lee Blemish Lotion, got reading the bottle and looking at the directions and realized it seemed like pretty much the same thing. So I was disappointed because I could have saved myself $7 but oh well. It better work is all I have to say.

The lotion itself is pink lotion which once settle has a clear liquid on top and pink stuff on bottom. The instructions say not to shake the bottle up but to dip a Q-tip directly into the bottom of the bottle to get the pink stuff. Then you just dab the pink stuff onto your pimples and let it dry. Its recommended for use at bedtime. These instructions are also exactly the directions for the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion. The ingredients are also eerily similar (albeit in slightly different order) except that the Mario Badescu stuff has calamine and glycerine in it which makes me think it will be gentler. But enough about that.

So does this blemish lotion work? Yes. I was amazed at the results. I have a Christmas party to go to pretty soon and I have (or had) a huge pimple on my chin that was really bugging me. So I dabbed some Indie Lee blemish lotion on it before I went to bed and on some smaller blemishes. It burned like crap when I first put it on. My first thought was , oh great I’m gonna be allergic to this stuff and I’m gonna break out in huge nasty pustules or something all over my face.  As soon as it dried though the burning subsided. I was also worried about it all coming off on my pillow but when I woke up it looked like it stayed in place pretty well. I used one of my facial cleansing wipes to wipe off the pink dried on stuff and. . .the pimples were almost gone! Even the big huge nasty one on my chin was visibly diminished in size and redness! It was amazing! Some of the little one were actually almost gone. The second day the bigger one on my chin was even smaller…but the other blemishes didn’t seem to do much. The third night nothing really seemed to change. So apparently, this lotion is great for shrinking those big nasty pimples, which is great, but there is only a certain point they can be shrunk to and then it doesn’t do much. I get acne marks that last forever where I had a pimple and I still have those.

So it does shrink pimples, but only to a certain point, and it does burn and dry out the area around the pimple. But I still love it and I will definitely be using this up but I think when it runs out I will try Mario Badescu’s Drying Lotion. Its cheaper and I want to see if it works as well.

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