Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!!!

I know New Year's resolutions were meant to be broken but we always make them anyway. Here are some of my (beauty) New Year's resolutions.

Eat Better
This may not seem like a beauty resolution but it totally is. There have been so many studies that have proven that if you eat healthy, natural foods your skin will show the benefits and greasy unhealthy food can manifest as acne. As an added reason for this resolution I am engaged and while the wedding isn’t for almost two years, I want to get a head start on looking awesome in my wedding dress.

Try Harder to Find Products That Will Make My Skin Look Better (Even If That Means Spending More Money)
I have really already started that. I am done with just coping with my skin and accepting that I have acne. There has got to be something out there that will get rid of my acne. I have already found a couple things that help clear up the pimples quicker but have yet to find something that will actually prevent the pimples from forming. I also think I need to move away from drug store brands. Some of them are fine but in a lot of cases, you get what you pay for.

Get Better At Applying Make-Up
I have never been much for wearing make-up but I have recently started trying to be more adventurous with my make-up application. I already have purchased some primers, new eyeliner, setting powder, and some make-up brushes. I have yet to try a lot of it but I am determined to learn how to apply make-up flawlessly.

Find A Good Sulfate-Free Shampoo
I am relatively new to sulfate-free shampoo and I’m not sure yet how I feel about it but I know its better for you hair. After I finish up my supply of sulfate-full shampoo I’m going to experiment with some sulfate-free shampoos and hopefully find one I like.

Start Using Dry Shampoo
Going along with finding a good shampoo that is healthier for my hair, I’m hoping to find a good dry shampoo to start using a couple times a week. I know its not really good for your hair to shampoo it every day but it gets so greasy. Hopefully I can find a good dry shampoo that will make my hair look freshly shampooed.

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