Thursday, January 3, 2013

Gold Bond Hand Sanitizer Moisturizer

$10 for 12 oz at most drugstores

I know gold bond has kind of an icky connotation for being but powder for people with yeasty, smelly problems (is that just me?) but I discovered their lotion a while ago. As far as inexpensive hand and body lotions go I love it. I have graduated to more expensive hand lotions that work better but since I use a lot of it I still use their body lotion. I think I’ve mentioned this but I work at an assisted living facility and wash my hands a lot. In between washing my hands I use the hand sanitizer thingys they have on the wall everywhere at work. They used to have Purell dispensers but they switched to some cheaper brand that is yucky. I don’t like it. I used it once and then was picking at my lip and then licked my lips and got this nasty bitter taste in my mouth that I couldn’t get rid of. Now, I know you shouldn’t eat hand sanitizer, I am fully aware of that. But I bite my fingernails, I pick at my lips, and I do eat with my fingers and I don’t want nasty bitter hand sanitizer  going in my mouth. So I decided to buy this gold bond hand sanitizer and see how it worked.

I like it, but it could be better. I was expecting just really moisturizing hand sanitizer but its actually lotion with hand sanitizer in it. Just FYI, whole pump is waaaay too much. Even half a pump is a little too much. The lotion has a light, clean smell but is quite greasy. I haven’t experienced that from other gold bond lotions so it must be the hand sanitizer in it. As often as I use hand sanitizer, to keep reapplying lotion that often is a little ridiculous and is way too much lotion. I’m using up the rest of the bottle (actually I’ve left it on the nurses station at work for anyone to use hoping it will go quicker) but when that’s gone I don’t think I’ll be purchasing it again. I’ll buy a bottle of Purell and bring some hand lotion to work with me.

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