Monday, January 14, 2013

Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque- Beauty Army December

Sample was a dinky foil packet
 $33 for 8.5 oz at ($11.99 at

This hair masque uses macadamia oil and argan oil to condition and nourish hair. The directions say to comb it through hair after its been shampooed and let is soak on for 7 minutes. It’s a very, very thick cream but it goes into hair very well. It almost felt like my hair just soaked it in immediately. It smells wonderful too. Its bright and fruity but warm and earthy at the same time. I’m not sure if I left this on for exactly 7 minutes because I didn’t actually keep track. I just put it on in the shower after I’d washed my hair and then put my hair up in a bun to let it soak in while I finished my shower. As I was rinsing it out my hair felt so soft and silky. I did this on a morning when I had a day off (not to mention that it was nasty and snowy outside) so I just let my hair air dry and didn’t do anything special with it but I did notice that my hair was softer, shinier, and healthier looking. This would be a great weekly deep condition treatment. With that being said, it doesn't condition any better than other (and cheaper) masques I have used. So thats kind of a toss up as to whether I'll buy it again. I'm reviewing another mask right now that I'm kind of falling in love with so we'll see (look for that review).

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