Thursday, January 10, 2013

SpaRitual Multi-Tasker Base And Topcoat in One

$15 at (they are having a 20% off everything sale right now)

I LOOOVE products that do more than one thing. This is a great clear polish that can be used as a base coat to help the nail polish you are using adhere to the nail and make the color brighter and then again as a top coat to make it shinier and make it last longer. The first thing I noticed (and loved ) about this base and top coat was the applicator. It has a nice thick handle that is rubber and has texturized grippies to help make the application easier. This is more money than I maybe would normally spend on a top coat or base coat but since it was both I figured it was worth it. This went on really well and dried quickly. I didn’t notice that it made the color much brighter but it certainly made it shinier. I also like that this is natural and free of chemicals so even you want to use a polish that isn’t free of chemicals it will create a barrier between your nail and the polish. It works very well to make your nail polish last much longer. I’m super happy with it and will definitely purchase it again as well as some of their nail laquers.

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